3 Things you can do when a Client doesn’t pay

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Some of us would find this familiar: you submit an article but when it comes to pay time, the client mysteriously disappears. So what can you do?

1.         Tell the website to take down your article

Inform the website that has published your article to remove it as soon as possible as you have not been paid. Although this does not work all the time, it’s still worth a try.

2.         Broadcast on Social Media

Use your social media platforms to broadcast that you’ve been cheated of your payment. Name the culprit and any social media accounts related to him. You may not get your money back but it sure feels good to get even.

3.         Ask for help

Ask your friends and family what to do? Has this happened to anyone you know? What did they do? Is there an authority that you can approach for help?

If you were contacted by the client through a freelance writing website offering jobs, approach this website for help. I’m sure you’re not the first one or the last to do so.

These measures may not help you to get back your money but at least you are actively doing something. At the end of the day, you may even feel better.

3 Lessons I Learnt from Blogging

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Blogging is not as easy as you would think. As much as we value freedom of speech, we should also be mindful of how our comments would be met by people who do not share our view point.

This is what I learnt from Blogging.

1          Be Politically and Culturally Correct

We all have opinions and comments about literally everything. People may not always agree with what we think but it is still our opinion. Voicing one’s thoughts online will teach one to be sensitive to the political and cultural environments. And be aware of how to convey our observations without making enemies but gain supporters instead. There is indeed a fine line between stating one’s viewpoint and being presumed rude. 

2          Able to Take Criticism

As much as we enjoy letting people know our thoughts, feelings and comments, we are also opening ourselves to other peoples’ thoughts, feelings and comments. Not everyone sees the situation in the same manner as we do and this is where disagreements arise. The listener may want to assert his/her opinion on us and how we react can make or break a friendship. At the end of the day, just remember there is no right or wrong answer, it is just an opinion.

3          Read a lot

In order to have an opinion on something, we should first know what the issue is about. Our evaluation changes the more we find out about something. Of course, the fastest and easiest way to do this is to read a lot. By listening to the different opinions of people, we learn to look at a situation from many viewpoints. We may not agree with all of them but at least we are aware of them.

I hope the above 3 lessons would make us all a better blogger. What lessons have you learnt from blogging?

3 Things I Learnt About Online Security as a Blogger

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We sometimes get carried away while writing online. What do I mean? Well, we may give away too much personal information that if it should fall into the wrong hands, may create dire consequences for us.

1.         Identity Theft

We’ve all heard stories about a well-known personality who had his identity stolen when multiple fake websites and social media accounts were created in his name.

Even worse, these criminals used these fake websites and accounts to ask for money, usually for non-existing charities. Not only money is lost but the reputation of the victim is tarnished.

2.         Selfies

In today’s fast moving social media platforms, it is very easy to post selfies instantaneously. You may be dinning at a restaurant and you immediately post a photo of the food that you are going to eat. This would put you in a dangerous position as crooks who are monitoring your every move would know that now you are outside at a restaurant and your home is most likely left unguarded.

You may come home realizing that you’ve been robbed while you were out dinning.

3.         Attracting Unwanted Attention

Fans of some celebrities may take to stalking when they know that their favourite personality is currently at a certain location. They may even contact or post excessive comments on their idol’s social media websites in an effort to be noticed.

From the above, don’t you agree that we should all practice a little self-restraint when divulging personal information online?

3 Reasons why Blogging is Good for You

Some people say blogging is a waste of time while others say bloggers have nothing better to do. So why do people blog? Is it really a waste of time?

1       Blogging boosts your confidence and morale.

Everyone wants to be accepted and recognized for their work. Therefore, to have your views and a platform to express those views show that what you think matter. You have a voice and you want everyone to hear it.

What you say is important to you even though others could not be bothered about it. This is a form of self-fulfillment as well as confidence and morale booster.

2       Blogging develops your presentation skills.

How you bring across your ideas, what tone you use, what manner of writing (informal or formal) all hone your presentation skills. The more articles you write, the more you will learn how to “fine tune” your presentation skills.

Look back at your earlier articles. Do you see a difference? Do you see your presentation skills evolving into something more polished and professional?

3       You become a better writer.

Having better presentation skills will eventually lead to you being a better writer. How is this so? Because your writing style is part of your presentation style which is part of your skills set.

Many writers and bloggers have said that they realized that they have become a better writer through the course of time and because they have been writing so much, they can really see a distinct change in their writing styles.

Having read the above, we can only agree that blogging is really good for you even though some people may not agree.

Everyone wants to be accepted and recognized for their work. Therefore, to have your views and a platform to express those views show that what you think matter. You have a voice and you want everyone to hear it.

What you say is important to you even though others could not be bothered about it. This is a form of self-fulfillment as well as confidence and morale booster.

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